A letter to the Department of Justice

I am an aspiring songwriter and member of ASCAP.  When I look towards my future as an independent songwriter/musician/performer I do not have a lot of hope.  There seems to be an ongoing trend with no shortage of digital and physical outlets for my music including digital streaming, internet radio, youtube, regular radio, satellite radio, pandora, spotify, etc.  These companies are all huge, highly financed and making millions for their executives and stockholders, yet when I look at payout statements for artists, even highly popular artists, I only see minuscule payments.  The payments are so small that millions of plays result in less than $150.  


The services that offer music have had the benefit of this very low payout rate for far too long.  The consent decrees protect these multibillion dollar corporations from having to pay a fair rate to the songwriters who supply their only product.  Rather than innovate and add value to the music by offering differentiated services with new business models, they rely on the same old government mandated subsidy by songwriter business model to offer all of our songs for fractions of a penny.  


In today's corporate controlled economy, songwriters and their performing rights organizations have been handcuffed unfairly for decades.  Songs are not commodities and should not be regulated by government.  Music is crafted from years of training and creative development and should be allowed to be controlled fully by the creator.  This means each creator should be able to set a rate for their music, decide where it can be offered and how it is presented to the public.  If we choose to band together with other songwriters and place our trust in a performing rights organization, that organization should have to power to do whats best for their members.  That power should not be diluted by a consent decree or rate court. 


Music has a timeless quality.  Good music is good forever, and when a listener truly connects with a song, that song stays with them always.  And each time they hear that piece, the music can bring a range of emotion.  Please stop commoditizing our art.


This letter was sent to the Department of Justice, songwriters deserve a fair wage.

Silent Scream New Music Tuesday!

Today we released a new video for our song Silent Scream from our new EP Take a Piece.  The video was shot with the help of some friends and features some amazing acting.  The song and video is our attempt to connect with everyone who feels a little trapped by circumstances.  As always, we have created this video on a $0 budget with our own tools, friends and skills.  Share the video and visit our download page to get the new EP Take a Piece!  Available Now!

Time Goes By - New Performance Video Released

So while the winter wiles away, we have gotten a camera and an idea to get some of our unreleased music out into the warm public gaze.  Last week we released a live version of our song Time Goes By performed on maschine and bass utilizing some funky bass riffs and fingerstlye drumming!  Check out the video and share it.  While you are listening, if you have not downloaded the album Suspicious Cricket, do so at music.ekkomouse.com.  

See the live performance of Time Goes By below, and we will be properly releasing the song very soon on our upcoming EP that is yet unnamed.  We are hard at work and will be putting out some new tunes very soon!  

Ekkomouse 2.0

We are excited to have been working on some new material while in hibernation.  Too busy to post on this platform, but now we are rebooted and feeling the promise of warmer weather.  Armed with new gear, new songs and a killer new mindset, we would like to invite you to stick around and explore our new videos and music.  In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a new video each week.  Our videos will consist of new songs, jamming in the studio, funny situations, opinions and more.  So without further ado, here is a little jam we did to help knock the dust off.

Friday, Halloween and Music

We have been hard at work on some new tracks and are going to be taking some time to finish an EP for release.  You may have heard a couple of the songs if you came out to one of our last couple shows.  Speaking of which, we will be postponing any additional shows til we get this recording completed.  We have plans for a couple tracks, videos and more!  I am looking forward to Halloween coming up!  I hope to see lots of crazy costumes this weekend so hit us up if you are partying halloween style!

Check out this awesome dog! 


Weekend Recap - Marathon and Rockufest!

So we had a busy weekend!  We were excited to play the Flat as a Pancake Race for the Cure Marathon in Hazelwood.  It was tough to get up at 5am to get everything setup early enough to beat the runners but we managed.  Once setup was complete and we started playing, everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed the time we played.  Unfortunately we had generator problems and had to cut the set short, but it was fun regardless.  


We also had the privilege of being selected to perform at this years Rockufest at Atomic Cowboy!  They had two stages setup, one outdoor and one in the Demo and an alternating set of local performers.  There was a lot of good music there and I encourage everyone to come out again next year.   This was the third year they held Rockufest!  


Two shows in a day was a new experience for us and I think the shows both went well!   We do not have any other shows scheduled currently and are looking forward to getting some new music and videos out in the near future!

New Video for So Strange!

We have just completed and released a video for our song So Strange.  The video was the result of a weekend of shooting and hanging out with some friends and turned out really great!  We are a diy band so true to our nature we were responsible for all shooting, editing, props, etc.  We are excited to share it with you and hope that you feel its worth sharing! 

If you do share the video, you will be entered to win a free Ekkomouse T-shirt and CD!  No purchase necessary, however, you can also enter by downloading our album for FREE, its titled Suspicious Cricket and is available here.

Also we would like to invite everyone out to a show at Lemmon's at 5800 Gravois, St. Louis MO 63116.  We will be playing on September 21 later in the evening.  We are playing with the matter, Uptown Downers and Axis Denied.  This should be a good show so come out, only a $5 cover.  

Ekkomouse added to Rockufest Lineup Sept 28!

We have just been added to the Rockufest lineup and we are excited!  This will be our first year playing at Rockufest and I'm sure this will be the best one yet.  Here is some info from their website: 


Rock U Festival or Rock University Festival is a all-ages event lasting twelve hours that is dedicated to promoting unity in the Saint Louis rock-n-roll community. It will take place at Atomic Cowboy on Saturday, September 28th in 2013. The event will feature three stages of rock music simultaneously with over 40 bands/artists ranging from Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Rap/Rock, Acoustic and Electronic for example. The festival’s attendees and artists alike will range in various age groups, ethnicities, back rounds, belief systems and lifestyles, not to mention genres of rock. Our goal is to have an all-ages show where the “next generation” of bands perform in the same venue as “veteran bands”! A portion of the third annual event’s proceeds will go to Play It Forward.


Help out Independent Music Radio KDHX build a new Venue!

We just backed KDHX.org's kickstarter project to help them build out a new music venue.  We think this station is a great addition to our St. Louis music scene and would like to invite everyone to back the project.  Backers can get tickets to a show, t-shirts, bags, exclusive access to a backers party and more.   

Check it out on Kickstarter here! 


Ekkomouse on Killradio.org today!

We will be calling in to Killradio.org to hang out with Tucker Booth and DJ Innovation on the radio show Tucker Booth needs a Job today around 5pm central.  They will be talking about our album Suspicious Cricket and other Ekkomouse news so tune in today.  Its internet radio and works in your browser or phone at:


  Find out more about Tucker Booth at Bandcamp and DJ Innovation at Soundcloud!


New Songs and shows are on the way!

So we just wrapped up another recording session and we have some new material about to come out.  We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the master for Life is Full of Distractions!   A new song we have gotten to play at our last couple shows.  We are excited to be releasing some new material as it has been about 8 months.  We will be releasing our next project in pieces rather than a full length album so keep an eye out for the updates!

Also we wanted to let you know how excited we are to be a part of Infest 3 at 2720 Cherokee.  We will be playing Sunday July 28th around 3pm.  The festival is a 2 day festival and only costs $10 for both days, where you will be able to see over 40 acts on 2-3 stages!  This will be our first show at 2720 Cherokee and it is a fun multilevel venue so keep the date on your calendar!  

Saturday Show at Foam, June 1st!

We were invited to play at Foam by our friends in A Big Sad Whale, this Saturday night at Foam.  This will be a fun show where we get to try out some new material.  We have been recording since our last show at Lemmons in April and are excited to get some new material out there pretty soon too!  

You can get to Foam at 3359 Jefferson, St. Louis MO 63118.  Show is free but donations at the door are very much appreciated!

Remix for My Midnight Heart by Ekkomouse

Ok so I am into audio from all angles, writing, playing, recording, mixing and remixing.  This song was offered up for a remix contest and I thought her voice was really good so I decided to enter and remix the track.  Take a listen to the original and then to my remix and let me know what you think.  

Visit Here for the original version of Solace by My Midnight Heart.

Here is our version:

Thanks for checking it out and feel free to vote on it at the link above where the original version is at.  

Celebrate Steve's B-Day with an Ekkomouse Show April 12!

Come out and join us for some new music at Lemmon's!  Ekkomouse will be playing with 

Clock Strikes One, Blackwell and Ninjas in Disguise!

21+, Say Ekkomouse for $5 cover at the door.

Also it happens to be Steve's Birthday, so we will be hanging out after the show!  Definitely come out and have drink with us!

Lemmons, 5800 Gravois, Saint Louis MO 63116.  Show starts at 8, doors open way before 8.

New Show Scheduled

So now we are working on some new dates for spring and summer.  There are lots of new places to play since our last round of shows so we are really looking forward to getting out there and playing at some new spots.  Our next show is at The Way Out Club at 2525 S. Jefferson, 63104.  The show is scheduled for February 16, Doors open at 8:30, music to start shortly after.  We should be playing with a couple other bands but as of today they are TBD.  Cover is $3-5 at the door.  We hope to see our friends and some new people too so spread the word.  As always, we will be hanging out afterwards so no matter what it will be a good time!